Medical Affairs Associates Program

Online training courses & non-clinical career opportunities for doctors

Dr Victoria Cartwright, Relationship Manager

Job opportunity! Mantra Systems are seeking a full-time Lead Medical Writer

Course overview

This is a unique opportunity to work in the medical device industry without leaving your existing clinical role.

  • Comprehensive training & support

    An extensive training package with detailed videos, downloads & a post-course exercise.

  • Personal & career development

    Opportunities for progression into advanced roles & transition into a full time medical affairs career.

  • Control your own workload

    Select individual work blocks according to your interest with no on-going obligations.

  • Master a new subject area

    Apply your medical expertise in new ways while supplementing your income.

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Your training starts today

Our training program enables you to develop industry skills and medical affairs capabilities while earning extra income and enhancing your career.

  1. Level 1 Foundation Training

    You will learn essential principles of Medical Device Regulation and applied literature reviewing, providing you with skills and knowledge highly relevant to a career in medical devices.

    • Detailed coverage of the EU MDR and medical device regulatory requirements
    • Practical exercises and guidance to apply knowledge to key tasks
    • Gain core skills for non-clinical career progression as a medical writer or in support of regulatory activities
    • Certificate of Completion awarded with 3 hours of CPD points credit
    • Quality-based eligibility for progression to Level 2 (Medical Reviewer / Writer) with Mantra Systems
    • See our FAQs for more information

    Single payment of £300 (exc. UK/EU VAT)

    Enrol today

  2. Level 2 Medical Reviewer / Writer

    A unique opportunity for selected graduates of our Foundation Training. This position is available by invitation only to those who submit the highest quality Level 1 post-course submissions.

    • Receive immediate lucrative opportunities for working with Mantra Systems
    • Undergo preparation for integration into live project teams
    • Be assigned to client work and earn money and skills around your current role
    • Unique direct insight into non-clinical work and careers in medical devices
    • Opportunities for progression to Levels 3 and 4 depending on experience and quality of work
    • Certificate of Qualification awarded after passing the post-course exercise

    By invitation

  3. Level 3 Lead Medical Writer

    By invitation only, progress from Level 2 and become lead author on medical writing projects. Build upon experience from previous projects and qualify for increased scope of work and enhanced payment packages.

    • Learn the entire CER-writing process, covering every section in specific detail
    • Detailed guidance on writing style, language selection and technical document review
    • Learn highly valuable skills and capabilities that can be applied across the medical device industry
    • Upon successful completion, work as lead author on medical writing projects at Mantra Systems
    • Enhanced payment packages

    By invitation

  4. Level 4 Associates Mastery

    By invitation only, an opportunity for our most capable CER writers to apply their knowledge to advanced roles within the Mantra Systems Associates Program. Gain access to paid opportunities in extended roles including:

    • Review of CERs and technical documents written by others
    • Training of Medical Affairs Associates
    • Involvement in PMCF, Risk Management and extended roles within Mantra Systems
    • Opportunities for full-time employment and permanent career transition

    By invitation

Our Associates say

Working with Mantra Systems as a freelance Medical Affairs Associate has been an absolute privilege. The pre-course materials, webinars and coursework led by Paul are truly top quality and a worthwhile investment. The course really helped to simplify understanding the new MDR and will help you hit the ground running when you start. For each job I did, there was ample support from Paul and his team who are all so lovely and approachable. I could not recommend the Associates Program highly enough for anyone who is interested in learning more about the medical device industry.


Medical Registrar United Kingdom

Any questions?

Please get in touch if there's anything you'd like to know about our Associates Program.

More information about Mantra Systems and our Associates Program can be read in the Description of work. See also our FAQs below.

Description of work


  1. Our Associates Program is only open to medical professionals in 'good standing' with the GMC (General Medical Council), or equivalent body if you are medically trained outside of the UK.

  2. After your payment has been received, you will receive an email containing instructions to set up your account and get immediate access to our exclusive training platform, which contains all the videos and documents you need to complete this level.

  3. The Foundation Training videos have a total running time of about 3 hours and the post-course exercise would take you about 2 hours to complete. There is no deadline for submitting your post-course exercise, but qualification and invitation to join our Associates Program requires a successful submission.

  4. You get a Certificate of Completion (with 3 hours of CPD points credit) after watching the Level 1 videos (please contact us to request your certificate). If you then undertake the post-course exercise and successfully complete it to an excellent standard, you will invited to join our Associates Program and be offered paid work with us.

  5. After watching the Foundation Training videos, you need to complete and submit a post-course exercise to an excellent standard of English spelling and grammar. Alongside your submission, we will ask for your CV and General Medical Council (GMC) number (or equivalent body if you medically trained outside of the UK). You must be in 'good standing' with your associated medical council. After you have passed the post-course exercise and successful checks have been made, you will be invited to become a member of our Associates Program.

  6. No — some of our current Associates underwent their medical training in Europe, the United States and South Africa.

  7. No — after passing the Foundation Training and becoming an Associate, there are no ongoing costs to be involved with the Program. You will remain 'on file' as an active Associate and we will contact you when work is available.

  8. After completing the Foundation Training, if you submit your post-course exercise to an excellent standard, you will be invited to undertake paid work as a team member in medical writing projects through the Mantra Systems Associates Program. You would become a member of an international group of doctors who undertake freelance work in your spare time with us. Initially, this will involve conducting literature reviews contributing towards production of Clinical Evaluation Reports coordinated by a lead writer. Work will be offered to you based on quality of your post-course work, experience, and alignment with your clinical field of expertise.

  9. No — you will be offered work on a take-it-or-leave-it basis and you are always free to say yes or no. Only once you formally agree to a work block will you be under any obligation. The whole program is designed to work around your existing clinical commitments and you must not feel under any pressure to change your work pattern to accommodate it.

  10. The amount of work offered will vary according to several parameters. The medical device market typically slows down in August and December and is busiest in January - April and in September; therefore, the concentration of work available will correlate with this pattern. We also offer work to Associates based on the quality of previous work or, in the case of those that are new, the quality of their post-course exercise. Those factors said, we currently offer a regular stream of work to our active Associates and, if they are 'in the market' for a project, they are generally not without a project to work on. Our most active Associates are offered around 5-10 projects in a year.

  11. Time taken per project will vary according to project complexity, with more complex (and time-consuming) projects being better remunerated. It also varies a lot between individuals. However, a general rule would be 10 to 20 hours per project with typically a 4-week timeframe in which to complete the work. It's very much designed to be "do-able" around an existing clinical career.

  12. Remuneration will be according to a fee agreed in advance of each work package. The fee will reflect (amongst other factors) the complexity of the medical device, the complexity and depth of work involved, and expected time to perform.

  13. Completion of later levels, along with experience working on projects as a team member, will enable you to act as lead medical writer yourself, offering greater responsibility, exposure and pay. With further experience, you may be invited to undertake additional roles within the company including extended medical writing opportunities, team management and full-time opportunities.

  14. The skills you will learn are highly relevant to broader opportunities across the industry. Completion of Level 1 will enable you to work as a freelance medical writer, for example. Completion of later levels will broaden your freelance scope and will be highly attractive to recruiters into Medical Affairs positions and other roles within the industry. You will be at a huge advantage over other candidates who do not have the same training and experience.

  15. Under normal circumstances, a single fee will grant you lifetime access to the material, meaning that it's always there if you need to refer back to it. Access would only be withdrawn under very limited circumstances - for example, if you take up employment or develop a commercial interest in a competitor to Mantra Systems, if you share the material or your login details with someone else without suitable permission, or if you act in a manner that may, has or was intended to damage Mantra Systems' business, the wellbeing of employees or other members of the Associates Program. Access may also be withdrawn if you enter into disciplinary proceedings with regard to your medical registration or if you are removed from the medical register.

  16. Our training courses and Associates Program are unique to Mantra Systems. There is no other company providing the option for doctors to quickly train for medical affairs work and get the opportunity to undertake work in the medical device industry, without the need to leave their existing clinical role. The only affiliation is with Beyond the Ward, which is owned and run by Mantra Systems as an alternative route into the Associates Program.

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