Simplifying the challenges posed by the new EU MDR

Simplifying the challenges posed by the new EU MDR

Our CEO Dr Paul Hercock recently had the pleasure of working with the fantastic Kaizen Life Sciences to produce a unique podcast on the challenges posed by the new EU MDR.

The new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) comes into force in May 2021 and replaces the existing Medical Device Directive (MDD). The MDR is 100 pages longer and has a much broader scope than the MDD, providing many challenges in achieving compliance. Companies with existing or new products must fully comply with the MDR however, for many, understanding the MDR in detail is quite a headache!

In this podcast hosted by Kaizen Life Sciences as part of their “Life Sciences Leaders” podcast series, Paul (Mantra Systems CEO) discusses the MDR and how companies in the life sciences sector can break down the MDR into more manageable action steps.

Kaizen Life Sciences are recruitment specialists in Pharma, Medical Devices, Clinical and Healthcare. For further information you can find Kaizen Life Sciences on LinkedIn or contact us for an introduction.

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