Medical Device Regulatory Services

Bringing subject matter expertise to regulatory compliance

  • Clinical Evidence Generation

    • PMCF studies & surveys
    • GDPR-compliant data collection
    • PMCF Plans & technical documents
    • Clinical investigators & sites

    Powerful PMCF systems designed by medical experts utilising pre-approved clinical investigators to generate high-quality clinical evidence for your medical device.

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  • Clinical Evaluation

    • Clinical Evaluation Reports & Plans
    • Literature reviews & data analysis
    • Notified Body engagement support
    • Clinical Evaluation Reviews

    Market-leading Clinical Evaluation and CER-writing services delivered by MDR-trained medical professionals with extensive data analysis and medical writing expertise.

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  • Medical Writing

    • Clinically-active medical writers
    • Subject Matter Experts
    • MDR compliant documents & protocols
    • Data analysis & literature reviews

    Regulatory Medical Writing services designed for EU MDR compliance and delivered through the expertise of real medical professionals.

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Clinical Investigators & Sites

Our database of pre-approved clinical sites and investigators means we can match your devices with motivated investigators interested in conducting PMCF studies.

  • Extensive database of clinical investigators

  • Pre-approved for PMCF studies

  • Rapid on-boarding & study initiation

  • Access to a broad range of clinical sites

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MDR Training Academy

The Mantra Systems Academy is the complete MDR compliance support program. Integrating education, training, support, templates and full document management, it will empower your team to implement critical components of your MDR strategy without the need for outsourcing.

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  • Risk Management

  • Quality Management *

  • Post-Market Surveillance *

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