Online workshops

Our online workshops are designed to quickly and effectively fill gaps in your MDR knowledge-base

We offer a range of training events to familiarise stakeholders from across the industry to all aspects of the new MDR. Our events are targeted for:

  • Product Specialists
  • Regulatory Managers
  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the new regulations

Available workshops

  1. Online workshop MDR Compliance for CEOs/CFOs

    5th May 2021 @ 12 noon GMT

    • A workshop specifically geared towards senior company decision makers who require an overview of the MDR and what it means for their company.
    • Delivered by a fellow company founder, this workshop focuses on business-critical aspects of MDR compliance that will ensure you maintain regulatory approval of your products.
  2. Online workshop Software as a Medical Device

    12th May 2021 @ 12 noon GMT

    • Understand medical device legislation as it applies to software.
    • Learn how to apply the MDR to Software as a Medical Device.
    • Understand how software features will impact product risk classification and requirements for conformity assessment.
    • Build an MDR compliance strategy to ensure regulatory approval of your software product and protect your market position.
  3. Online workshop Clinical evidence in the MDR

    19th May 2021 @ 12 noon GMT

    • Develop a new level of confidence in applying clinical evidence to your MDR compliance strategy.
    • Understand how to use clinical evidence in MDR Gap Analysis, PMS, PMCF and Clinical Evaluation.
    • Understand aspects of clinical evidence interpretation that you always felt were beyond your grasp and feel confident in handling all types of clinical data.
    • Develop a deep understanding of study power, study types, significance levels and other technical elements that will boost your competence in working with clinical evidence.
  4. Online workshop MDR Compliance for Class I devices

    26th May 2021 @ 12 noon GMT

    • Understand the specific requirements for MDR compliance of Class I medical devices.
    • Understand how requirements differ from those under MDD.
    • Learn what to do to prepare your regulatory strategy for full implementation of the MDR.

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